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Inspiring the world through art

Nicole Tang is a Caribbean artist and designer. Born in Trinidad, Her lifelong love and passion for art flows in her everyday life as she creates beautiful art collections throughout the year from paintings to sculpture to craft. She is an art teacher dedicated to spreading her love for art and inspiration to her students. She has exhibited her art works in many art galleries around the country and continues to be an inspiration to many.

Founder and designer of her own wearable art collection, Colorful Finds and Designs, which is based on her studio art, she hopes to continue evolving as an artist and continue to explore her creative endeavors.


Arnim’s Art Galleria Limited
– ‘Treasures of the Southern Land II’

November 2021
Smile Inn Culture
– ‘In Celebration of Color’
November 2021
The Rotunda Gallery, Parliament
– ‘The Freedom of Expression’
– ‘Two Islands, One Nation’
– ‘Crossing Of The Ocean’
– ‘See The Beauty Around Us’
– ‘Women in Leadership’
– ‘International Women’s Day’

October 2021
September 2021
June 2021
April 2021
March 2021
March 2020
Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
– ‘Life is a Celebration’
– ‘Museums for Equality’

May 2021
May 2020
Think Art Work Studio
– ‘Purpose- Represent Vol 3’
– ‘Represent Vol 2 – Carifesta XVI’

September 2020
August 2019
The National Museum and Art Gallery
– ‘Carnival Long Ago’
– ‘Festivals an Rituals of Trinidad and Tobago’

January – March 2020
February – April 2019
National Academy for the Performing Arts
– ‘Lived in’ – Carifesta XIV

August 2019
The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago
– ‘Me…A Reflection of Who We Are’
– ‘Art Fuh So’
– ‘Blue’ – A Carnival Exhibition

August 2019
May – June 2019
February – March 2019
Visual Art Galleries, UTT, NAPA
– ‘Emergence’

June 2019
Horizons Art Gallery
– ‘New Faces’

May 2019