Ocean Collection

A refreshing collection of acrylic paintings capturing the beauty of the ocean. Created entirely using a palette knife, these explore mood, textures and movement of the waves in the oceans of tropical islands.

Hummingbird Collection

A vibrant collection of acrylic paintings dedicated to the spirit, energy, beauty and life of tropical hummingbirds. Trinidad has very rich and beautiful biodiversity which is very inspirational and breathtaking. It is truly wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty every day.

Sunset Collection

A breath taking collection of acrylic painting of beautiful tropical sunsets. Ocean views are great gems in the Caribbean because of the soothing and refreshing energy it always bring. The flow of warm colors bring tranquility and stillness to the soul.

World Faces Collection

An emotive and vibrant collection of acrylic portait paintings. Beautifully painted to represent the rich diversity of humanity, it is a celebration of cultures, races and peoples of the world. Being in the Caribbean one is always surrounded by a mix of very beautiful and colorful people, cultures and great stories that stem from our rich history.