Work with Children

“Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.” – MaryAnn F. Kohi

Outdoors art sessions at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Art sessions at the historic Mille Fleurs

Art Sessions at Roots Yard

This independent project created by the artist involves outdoor art sessions for young children. It includes story telling, painting, drawing, craft and show and tell. Focused on kids 4-8 years, these art sessions build creativity, social skills and encourages imaginative play.

“It has been wonderful to see so many kids start off timid, afraid of bugs, birds and dirt and leave the session with more confidence from making new friends, embracing the outdoors and playing among the trees. The kids always have the best time creating beautiful art in nature. They leave refreshed, energized and happy. I am alaways amazed with their level of creativity and the way they percieve the world as a magical place where clouds are made of cotton candy and worms are exciting.” – Nicole Tang

Imagine painting, making animal masks and running around in a house that was built in 1904. Kids spent hours in the historic Mille Fleurs getting a tour of the beautiful house, walking on very old stairs, playing in the green space, discovering a secret room and making new friends.

The kids engaged in storytelling, painting, drawing, craft, storytelling and games at break. The house tour was the highlight of their experience and being able to create beautiful things in a beautiful space were unforgettable for them. This was certianly the most exciting location and expereince for art sessions with the young kids. The kids displayed much creativity in everything they did! This is another independent project created by the artist in her work with children.

A colorful and creative space where kids played on the train, the chariot and the green space while making new friends and beautiful things. Chalk art on the ground, storytelling in the chariot or the green space and painting outdoors were all liberating experiences for kids.